About us

Workday to weekend 

Sven Bylander and Vanessa Bhojani had a problem – no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t find a bag that fitted their busy London lives. What they needed was something practical for work but looked great on nights out. They searched everywhere, checking out their fellow commuters and partygoers and found nothing.

Being experienced designers, there was nothing for it. They took their craft to the next level and started making their own. And it wasn’t long before their friends took notice and started asking for their own versions. This was how Sqiins was born.

They took advice and did their own research. Everything pointed to one thing – design the bags in London and have them made elsewhere. But Sven and Vanessa had their own ideas. They wanted to set themselves apart from other designers with the challenge of bringing fashion manufacturing back to London, creating a process that allowed them the flexibility to make small batches of high-quality merchandise that look great from boardroom to restaurant.