Our Philosophy

Unlike most start-ups, SQIINS wasn't launched off the back of a well-developed business plan. Our approach was instinctual and organic, driven by a simple idea; to design and make quality yet affordable bags and accessories from our London studio.

Manufacturing in the UK gave us several advantages that helped mould our core values. Such as ensuring every product made by us:
  1. is made by artisans working in safe working conditions
  2. is made by artisans who are fairly paid
  3. is produced in small numbers meaning zero unsold products being destroyed or ending up in landfills
  4. has gone through rigorous checks to guarantee high-quality craftsmanship
However, it wasn't until the second year and while studying the sustainable fashion movement that we realised our core values needed an update. We wanted SQIINS to be more than just another profit-focused fashion brand. We wanted SQIINS to inspire change.

To do this, we decided to add sustainability and cruelty-free to our core values. From August 2019, we discontinued the manufacturing of bags and accessories using leather and any other unsustainable material, i.e. conventional cotton. Instead, we will only use recycled, cruelty-free, sustainable and eco-friendly materials to create all our collections.

Follow our journey.