Our Story

Welcome to SQIINS! A London based bag and accessories brand founded in March 2018 by designers Sven Bylander and Vanessa Bhojani who launched SQIINS with a simple idea; to design and handcraft bags and accessories from their Studios in Willesden, using high-quality materials sourced from Britain and Europe 


sven bylander sqiins co-founder
Say hello to Sven. A born craftsman and entrepreneur with an obsessive personality; who makes mastering new skills look like a walk in the park. While building a career as an Art Director, Sven tried his hand at several craft ventures, but ironically, nothing stuck with him quite like bag-making.
As a child, Sven was known to use plastic bags to carry his school books and lunches, a trend that followed him into his adulthood. However, it wasn't until the anti-plastics movement that Sven began to question his trusted plastic bags. The more he leant about the damage plastic bags were doing to the environment, the more he realised he needed to find a more sustainable solution. 
Sven spent several months searching for his perfect bag. However, nothing he saw in stores, boutiques or online excited him. So one day, Sven decided to make his own bag. It was during this project, he fell in love, and after 8 years of research, training and designing; SQIINS was born.
vanessa bhojani sqiins co-founder
Say hello to Vanessa; a practical and logical creative with a keen eye for detail. The calm to the storm; the master of getting sh!t done. On the one hand, Vanessa co-designs bags and collections with Sven, and with the other manages the marketing, planning and operations of the business.

Although born into a family of business owners, Vanessa chose not to join her father's businesses and instead decided to build a career as a graphic designer. While she loved what she did, Vanessa always knew she was destined to follow in her father's footsteps and one day have a business of her own.
Today, Vanessa owns and manages two growing businesses; one making bags and the other organising events.
Sven and Vanessa met in 2008 while working in the creative department of an Advertising agency in Farringdon, London. Although from two very different backgrounds, a friendship blossomed. They would often bond over a mutual love of design, craft and business. 
In 2018, Sven and Vanessa left their jobs in Advertising to embark on their crazy adventure to build a London based bag and accessories brand.